Bringing Advanced Prosthodontic Treatment to Patients

As a part of offering patients advanced skill in dentistry, Dr. Mahdavi would like to announce his enrollment in a course designed to provide detailed information on the best ways to completely restore a patient’s smile. With this professional development, Dr. Mahdavi is able to hone his skills in treatment of complex cases and achieving the most ideal results possible.

What is Prosthodontics?

A dental prosthesis is designed to replace parts of a tooth, while prosthodontics is the field of dentistry devoted to this particular practice. Dental prosthetics vary, from methods to replace only damaged portions of teeth, such as onlays and inlays, or treatments for replacing all parts of a tooth that was lost or extracted, such as dental implants.

While a dentist can specialize in prosthodontics, almost every general dentist provides patients with prosthetics to repair, improve, and strengthen teeth.

Prosthodontic Education through Esthetic Professionals

Through a continuing education course provided by Esthetic Professionals of Tarzana, Dr. Mahdavi will be completing lectures and hands-on case work that focuses on treatments that patients can afford and accurately providing complex restorations for advanced dental problems including worn and decayed teeth or bite misalignment.

Through this continuing education course on fixed prosthodontics, Dr. Mahdavi will also be exposed to philosophies and approaches for treating all manner of issues that create need for complex prosthodontic care, diagnosing those leading factors, and how to electronically trace jaw structure as part of the diagnostic process.  In addition to training on diagnosis and treatment methodology, the course includes picking the best materials and how to make sure that patients are given a correctly fitting prosthetic, without need for re-sizing from a dental lab.

What this Means for our Patients

With a focus on providing the best results possible for fixed prosthodontics, Dr. Mahdavi can skillfully provide complex restorations where multiple teeth require treatment, bite  alignment must be addressed, or multiple teeth must be replaced to ensure bite function, balance, and aesthetics. Complex restorative cases can include all manner of restorations, such as:

  • Implant Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Veneers

To learn more about how we can comprehensively repair your smile, contact Skyline Dental to schedule a consultation with Dr. Mahdavi. We are committed to making sure your treatment produces the best and most predictable results possible.

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