Conscious Dental Sedation with Dr. Kambiz Mahdavi in Thousand Oaks, CA

There are any number of reasons why people avoid the dentist – busy schedules and hassle being some of the most popular. However dental anxiety is a real fear that can keep many patients from walking into a dental office so a professional can help protect their smiles. With dental sedation in Thousand Oaks from Dr. Mahdavi, nervous patients can benefit from comprehensive dental care without the fear of the dental experience.

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Skyline Dental offers conscious dental sedation, which involves taking a dose of medication before and/or during your dental appointment to create feelings of wellness and soothe worries. Though patients are awake, the medication produces a calming effect that allows them to forget much of their appointment, including sounds and smells that can be bothersome. While the pill encourages sleepiness, it does not necessarily put patients to sleep, which is why it is referred to as conscious sedation.

Dr. Mahdavi typically combines both oral conscious mediation and additional in-office relaxation with nitrous oxide. Nitrous takes effect more quickly and can help reduce worry while the sedative begins to take effect. Our Thousand Oaks sedation dental services are ideal for patients who have had a bad experience in the past and need some help in getting comfortable at a dental office. However, patients who start on sedation often find that they need the medication less and less as time goes on and they get more comfortable with our doctor, team, and treatment approach. 

Sedation Options for Children

Dental sedation is usually recommended for adult patients who are having trouble coping with bad dental experiences and fear of the dentist that has been cultivated over a lifetime of negative associations. However, Dr. Mahdavi can also recommend safe and effective sedation for younger patients. Children can pick up many habits from parents, including fear of the dentist, which is why it is so important to start instilling a more positive image of the dentist through gentle care and the use of sedation where necessary.

Children’s dental sedation is also ideal for kids whose treatment plans are more extensive or for patients who find it uncomfortable to remain calm in a dental chair for an extended period of time.  For patients of all ages and with a range of dental fears, the team at Skyline Dental is here to ensure that your visit to our office is as peaceful as possible.

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Dr. Mahdavi is UCLA certified to administer conscious sedation to children and adults and in doing so, can help you overcome your fear of the dentist. Contact Skyline Dental today for more options regarding sedation during your next dental visit.

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